Dyer Aqua has been a pioneer in marine aquaculture research and development as the first company to achieve commercial production of numerous marine fish species, Dyer Aqua has managed hatcheries and ocean fish farming operations for over 20 years in Florida, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Panama.  Dyer Aqua has succeeded in growing dozens of marine species, including Florida Pompano, Cobia & Tripletail.  Currently the only commercial producer of farm raised Florida Pompano in the world, Dyer Aqua imports to the US weekly to wholesale & retail customers. 


Our Florida pompano are raised from spawn to harvest, ensuring an environmentally friendly, consistent quality and superior taste. Raised in Caribbean ocean enclosures, from egg to market size, the fish are hand harvested & immersed in an ice slurry to ensure premium quality and freshness. 


Chefs and seafood lovers have long celebrated the unforgettable taste of ocean-fresh Florida Pompano. Mark Twain praised the taste of pompano  calling it “as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.”


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