Florida Pompano by Dyer Aqua

“The firm and delicate white flesh of the pompano is to many ichthyophiles the standard-bearer by which all other saltwater fish are judged.”
– The Encyclopedia of Fish Cookery

Chefs and seafood lovers have long celebrated the unforgettable taste of ocean-fresh Florida pompano. Mark Twain praised the taste of pompano  calling it “as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.”

“Epicures proclaim this fish to be the very finest food from either fresh or saltwater”                                                                  -Fishes of the Atlantic Coast

David Starr Jordan and Barton W. Edleman weighed in on Pompano. Jordan was founding president of Stanford University and the most respected ichthyologist in the U.S. Evermann was director of the California Academy of Sciences. “As a food fish there is none better than the pompano, either in the fresh waters or the seas. This is practically the unanimous verdict of epicures and all others who have had the pleasure of eating the pompano, fresh from the water. The flesh is firm and rich, and possesses a delicacy of flavor peculiarly pleasing to the palate.”

Dale Sims, founder and chief fishmonger, at CleanFish has nothing but praise for fresh-never frozen Dyer Aqua ocean farm-raised Florida Pompano.

Ocean raised fresh-never-frozen Florida Pompano available year-round
For years, restaurants and seafood retailers have had to rely on inconsistent seasonal harvests of Florida pompano. As a result, few restaurants could print pompano on their menu, and their patrons’ only hope was to see it featured—if they were lucky—as the “fresh catch of the day.” Until now, that is. Dyer Aqua now offers farm-raised, ocean-fresh florida pompano year-round.

Premier Quality, Rapid Delivery
Always fresh, never frozen, Dyer Aqua fish are rapidly expedited to you by CleanFish.  Fish are raised in clean ocean enclosures located in pristine Panamanian waters. Our harvest and shipping methods ensure that the top quality product is maintained. Chefs are unanimous: our fish routinely beat wild-origin pompano in critical tastings. We humbly confess, “ … that speaks volumes!”

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A Healthy Source of Protein
Rarely does a food that tastes this good come to the table as a healthy meal. Much more than tasty, Dyer Aqua pompano provide a number advantages including:

  • No hormones or artificial colorants
  • High in Omega-3’s
  • No detectable levels of PCB’s, mercury (or other heavy metals)
  • Traceability from egg to harvest

Sustainable Source of Food
We follow eco-friendly farm practices and continue to monitor the environment around our facilities to ensure minimal impact. Our aquaculture sites are run by the local work force and are strategically placed in areas of high currents that flow away from reef zones. Our ocean-raised fish are a renewable source of healthy protein and an alternative to depleting the wild fish stocks.

Origin and Availability
Dyer Aqua Florida Pompano, (Trachinotus carolinus) are the same prized species that is well known to fisherman and restaurants in the Caribbean, especially along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and the warmer beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. These premium fish offer customers an authentic tropical culinary experience.

These fresh Florida pompano are truly the legendary premium warm-water fish in our hemisphere. They are now available year-round; fresh, never frozen.­­ Contact us to find out more.


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