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                                                                                                                                                Dyer Aqua has specialized in marine aquaculture for over 20 years, working collaboratively with researchers, feed producers and financiers to develop environmentally and commercially sustainable practices.  Currently the only commercial producer of Florida Pompano in the world, delivered fresh from our ocean farm in Panama to customers worldwide.



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“…the standard-bearer by which all other saltwater fish are judged”

-AJ McClaine, Encyclopedia of Fish Cookery

Premium Quality

Highly regarded as the best tasting fish in the ocean, our Florida Pompano hand harvested  in small batches, delivered fresh, never frozen weekly to customers worldwide.

Culinary Versitility

With a mild flavor, fine flake and uniform thickness, Florida Pompano is well suited in a wide variety of preparations.  Excellent served whole, skin-on fillet or butterfly.

Artisan Practices

Hand feeding and harvesting minimizes use of machinery, minimizing usage of fossil fuels while providing jobs to the local workforce.  These sustainable business practices create a clean growing environment and stimulate the local economy.

Our Story

A pioneer in marine aquaculture managing hatcheries and farming operations in Florida, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Panama.  Dyer Aqua has successfully grown dozens of marine species including Florida Pompano, Red Drum, Cobia & Tripletail. 

In 2005, Dyer Aqua was the first company to supply the US market with fresh ocean-raised, Florida Pompano on a commercial scale.  Grown from native Florida brookstock raised egg to plate in Laguna de Chiriqui, Panama.


What People Say about Florida Pompano

“Probably the best tasting fish in the ocean”

-Dale Sims, Buena Vista Seafood

“The very finest food from either fresh or saltwater”

-Gar Goodson, Fishes of the Atlantic Coast

“As delicious as the less criminal forms of sin”

-Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi


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