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Deep Experience in aquaculture and fisheries

Dyer Aqua Panama S. A. is led by Alcibiades Arauz who is native to Panama and with lengthy experience in aquaculture and fisheries.

Dyer Aqua LLC has been in marine aquaculture since 1996 and has developed many procedures to enable marine species to be produced in environmentally and commercially sustainable processes. To bring its products to market, Dyer Aqua, LLC  has invested substantial amounts of capital in aquaculture research and production over a period of 20 years.

In Fall 2005, Dyer Aqua became the first company to supply the U.S. market with fresh farm-raised pompano on a commercial scale. From its specialized hatchery in Sebastian, Florida, Dyer Aqua supplied fingerlings to its grow-out facilities in The Bahamas, then developed its present operation in Panama.   

These consultants provide their expertise

Roderick Reed, Consultant, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Arkansas.  He has fifteen years of experience in financial institutions, including positions of chief financial officer and chief executive officer. Mr. Reed has been involved in the aquaculture industry since 1998.

Nasir Kureshy, Consultant, earned a Master of Mariculture from the University of Texas and has been a commercial marine food fish manager/owner for many years.  Mr. Kureshy also has experience in marine fish research with the Marine Science Institute and is experienced in production of warm-water marine species.

Dr. Denise Petty, received her DVM from Auburn University, and has worked with freshwater and marine ornamental fishes, food fishes, and game fishes. She began her fishy veterinary career as a consultant for several tropical fish farms before working for Segrest Farms. She also performed aquaculture diagnostics for the state diagnostic laboratory, and served as an aquaculture extension veterinarian with the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine. www.nflaquavetsrvc.com

Panama Environmental Services (PES), based in Panama City, Panama, is a company that provides consulting services in several fields concerning Environmental Assessments and Studies. PES also provides legal services in aquaculture, corporations, immigration and labor.

Panama Environmental Services is formed by a group of professionals from different areas of knowledge and expertise, such as engineers in the areas of civil, electrical, industrial, petroleum (oil), mining, agronomy, chemical and forest and professionals in the fields of architecture, psychology, economics, biology, marketing and law, among others.

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