Florida Pompano

Ocean Raised Fresh Florida Pompano

Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) have long been regarded as one of the most best-tasting warm-water marine fish. But a consistent supply has only been a dream for chefs and seafood lovers. For years, restaurants and seafood retailers have had to rely on inconsistent seasonal harvests of Florida pompano. As a result, few restaurants could print pompano on their menu, and their patrons’ only hope was to see it featured—if they were lucky—as the “fresh catch of the day.” Until now, that is.

Dyer Aqua raises sushi quality Florida Pompano at our ocean farm in Laguna de Chiriqui, Panama located near the popular island vacation destination of Bocas Del Toro.  Our artisan scale farm was chosen in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute, for its’ environmentally friendly location & fast moving currents.

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